<{~}> HIGH REZ game? <{~}>

I able to apply images onto planes…
-ive put together a couple planes all with thier own materials - textures…
i can render them out to animations or jpegs etc…
BUT- why cant i see these images in a game § ?
(im hoping to achieve… simple models with hi rez images…)

“like a room with walls that …“once approached” -the images on them are well defined- all contained within the game.”

“take for instance a your in a simple game and you see a photo on a wall - whats the highest resolution we can get to view it at …interactively??”

You have to “UV texture” your objects in order to see them in game. As for the highest resolution, well I really don’t know but I think it depends on what your pc can handle.

only once you’ve asigned them to display in the game will they as social said.

the maximum resulution of a picture or “texture” is defined by you graphics card. its normally a power of 2, 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 extra. you limited by who will use this games maximum 256x256 is about the maximum all cards can use, though is you distributing to more top of the line cards i hear you can go higher than 2048x2048 quiet easly now days. of cause thats perface, so if you really need some more quality, you could always add some more faces, eg subdivide

“only once you’ve asigned them to display in the game”
huh? assign them how where?

I think use texture shaded display? the Z, Shift+Z or Alt+Z keys