High-rise apartment building (made with the help of blenderguru's tutorial!)

Okay, so I made this building, but it does’t look quite realistic. It’s my biggest outdoor scene yet, so I don’t have much experience in such aspects. Please have a look and point out flaws and make suggestions!


The whole building seems blurred.
Maybe you could improve the lighting with ambient occlusion and soft shadows.
It may lacks textures too.

I deliberately added a slight blur because I think things would look a bit more blurry when you’ve got big clouds overhead. Let me render a version without blur and see what it looks like.

I will activate ambient occlusion, but where do I configure soft shadows?

.Blend is not there, but good work though. A little bit of compositing might make it look a little better.

to get soft shadows you go to the light properties, and mess with the soft size and the samples.


I removed the blur, as well as softening the shadows. I can’t activate ambient occlusion because doing that would make the glass opaque.

How can I composite this to make it more realistic? Is there anyway to soften the edges of the building?

are u sure ao will make the windows opaque? when you tried it did u have it turned on raytrace or approxiate?