High-School Project [Updated 8-22-10]

Hi, for my school’s Graduation Project I’ve decided to do curriculum extension of our 3D modelling course, focusing on making realistic renders. I’ll be using Lux and Yafa for most of my renders, and I’ll be posting my tests and finals in Lux in this thread.

Final Images






The brick texture is pretty bad, it’s obviously lit. I would suggest you find a different one.

The lens on the camera, it looks like you have subsurf’d triangles; try to avoid that.
What I would do for that lens would be to add a circle with 8 verts, filled. Then, select 2 tris, press F, repeat for the rest of them. Select the outer verts, and extrude outwards.
That will give you a nice mesh that works great with subsurfing.

thanks for the lens info, I’ve never really worked with sub’d modeling before.
As for the brick, I’m not going to worry about it because, to be honest, the teachers that I’m presenting to wouldn’t notice :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so I’m starting to work on textures/materials in BI (previous renders are from Lux). 2 problems, raytrace reflections are far too grainy (I need to know how high I have to set samples) and when I map something to the Ray channel it has no effect :frowning:

And a quick questions, does BI use OpenGL or DirectX normal maps?


Nice work so far on the Minolta. :slight_smile: I have an XD-11. Wonderful cameras.

Materials could use some improvement (e.g. body more metallic, leather less flat), but the model is looking pretty nice.

So far only the body is textured. I still need to do the name plate, leather, lens, exposure, and rewind knob. Gotta keep tweaking the normal map around “SRT-102”, it doesn’t look right

Please, how did you meaned that?

"add a circle with 8 verts, filled(filled witch shift + f?). Then, select 2 tris(what is tris?:confused:), press F
Could you make some simple video,please?

>> As for the brick, I’m not going to worry about it because, to be honest, the teachers that I’m presenting to wouldn’t notice :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps your teachers notice a lot more than you realise. Would you prefer they knock the crap out of everything you do? That certainly would not be my method. No, i would build you up and discuss things with you at an appropriate time


@working, To be honest, I don’t understand the 2nd half of your post but this is the quality of work we were told to make in my school’s 3D program.


My teacher didn’t know what UV mapping was, or how to edit a primitive. She didn’t know how to do anything but apply pre-fab materials and transform primitives.

I agree on the whole brick texture thing. The texture itself isn’t horrible (not great, but not horrible) it’s just the fact that it’s so uniformly lit. It stands out like a sore thumb in an otherwise really nice render. It should be considerably darker, especially when you consider that you are looking out the window into daylight, and the interior and exterior are both at proper exposures at the same time. Either the exterior needs to be over-exposed or the interior needs to be under exposed.

“the exterior needs to be over-exposed”
can do.

The bricks are lit with bounced light, from floor and white interior walls, and no self-illumination. I’ll check the sun strength and such, it might be over-powered