High school senior project

My high school requires all seniors to complete a senior project that involves community service and your career. Since I want to become an animator, I decided to use Blender to make an animated PSA (regarding quagga mussels). I’m posting here initially to find an expert “mentor,” who is supposed to help with and check up on the project as I go along. (All the info is in the Senior Project Manual. Go to the school website and find it under “Parent/Student information.”) If you want to help me out and be my mentor, just post here and let me know!

While this thread is initially to help me find a mentor, I’ll also keep posting updates here as I go along.

Short summary of what the mentor has to do:
Basically just keep checking up on me to make sure I’m doing the work. That’ll be pretty easy to do, because I’ll be posting my progress on this thread as I go along. There’ll be a few forms to fill out and a few things to sign–you can either scan and email them to me, or fax them. I’ll also be asking questions as we go along, of course. That doesn’t mean answers are limited to the mentor, though! :wink: The mentor doesn’t have to do any of the work, but it would be really nice if he/she did help out (esp. with rendering).

I’ll be working on a script and some concept art until I get a mentor. I’ll keep you posted on how the project goes! :smiley: