high School's first organized football team in 1894

Hi Blenderartists, u may welcome to critique my work. I tried to save my time to finish my personal project… I decided to made this one. U can see the old glory days in sepia color of football player in 1894. U can imagine it was the very first organized football team was created in 1894. No helmet and huge ball and the uniform jersey to wear. So, the reason why I choice of this my high school had a very unique story. Ok, the school was named Texas Institution for the Deaf and Dumb BEFORE it renamed to Texas School for the Deaf today. Anyway, can u imagine if u were a deaf football player and called u dumb on jersey? I don’t think u would not like it… fortunately, this team and his deaf coach carried their proud of being a deaf and player same as well as other public schools. He and his team decided not to have “Dumb” on their uniform. U can see why they only put T.I…D. Insteads of TIDD. So, they keep their pride carries on and show deaf are not dumb. Ironically, in old days, they had played against colleges in old days and they BEAT these colleges. Do you know how they beat colleges because deaf players were farmers Nd hard worker with physical while these colleges were only for rich kids… Anyway, the reason why I love football, history and pride of my school and love as being 3D artist. So, it is so perfect subject for me to made this… It was done by modeling, rigging arms, sculpting, some texture, and composite only in sepia tone … Enjoy and hope u like it and your honest thoughts here,too!