high scores screen?

how could i make a working high score screen? ive tried a few things that didnt work
any help is apreciated

Let’s see… You’ll want to use in-game text to display the names and scores of the players. Also, you’d want to save the highscore to a file.

exactly, but my problem is getting the “score” property from the game scene into the high scores scene

have a ‘gameadmin’ object (an empty for all intents and purposes) linked into both scenes, that stores the score property?

how do i link it into both scenes?

You just need to send the scores (or other information) by a message actuator e.g. with subject “displaytext”.
The text-object can listen to the subject “displaytext” and store whatever the message body contains in the property Text.
This allows you to change the text from any object you like without to worry which object displays it or in what scene it is. You can even have multiple objects displaying the text.

As you need a script for reading the message property you can get the S2A to do that for you. Use S2A.firstBodyToValue as Python MODULE controller. Connect it with an property actuator in assign mode with Prop: Text and Value: leave empty.

message sensor (Subject: displaytext) -> python controller Module: S2A.firstBodyToValue ->property actuator Prop:Text Value: _

I hope it helps

ok well i tried doing some math with python, and here is the code, note that it is in 2.49

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()

one = cont.sensors["1"]
two = cont.sensors["2"]
three = cont.sensors["3"]

slot1 = one.owner
slot2 = two.owner
slot3 = three.owner
scorer = cont.owner
score = scorer.get("prop")
slot1score = slot1.get("score")
slot2score = slot2.get("score")
slot3score = slot3.get("score")

if score > slot3score:
	if score <= slot2score:
		slot3 ['score'] = score
if score > slot3score:
	if score > slot2score:
		if score <= slot1score:
			slot3 ['score'] = slot2score
			slot2 ['score'] = score
if score >= slot1score:
	slot3 ['score'] = slot2score
	slot2 ['score'] = slot1score
	slot1 ['score'] = score

the problem is the it always set all of the scores to the score that the player gets:confused: