High Society Toon Car

alright, so the textures aren’t toon, but the style of the car sure is. I modeled the body using Bezier Curves. The top of the car, the tires and the head lights were box modeled. I’m using the car for an animation for work and would appreciate C&C.



Good work, got the toon style just right :).

Two minor crits: No side mirrors and there’s something funky going on with the headlights (jpg artefacting perhaps?).

Again, really good work :D.

Side mirrors would be good, but beeing toonish in all, it’s pretty nice :slight_smile:

I cant remember a classic car with side mirrors.

cuz most classic cars dont have side mirrors, if they were manufactured with the car then it is only placed on the drivers’ side

anyways love the car, did an excellent job,