High speed camera light source

Well i’m going to mixup blender with a highspeep camera footage, and maybe some other video enthusiast knows an answer here. What kind of electric light source can be used so that i dont record the frequency of the electric net (here that the net is 22volt at around 50Hz), ps batteries are not an option for me,

Sun light works well but only outdoors, to get to higher frame rates indoor i need a stronger constant light source (for long operation times) (camera is optical triggered, but scene must be enlighted constantly).

A mirror for the sunlight? :slight_smile:

I might not know what I’m talking about, but aren’t incandescent bulbs immune to this strobe effect? Also, this youtube video mentioned that the phosphor that lines the inside of certain CFL bulbs causes the light generated to be relatively continuous.

Wel our eyes are imune to it, but this camera can see the flickering of such light bulbs.
I’m now looking into electronics, cause with LED’s all i would need is a perfect ACDC converter.

I’ll just take your word for it; you probably know more. My understanding was that the flickering was an issue with LED and certain types of CFL bulbs. I thought incandescent bulbs didn’t have this issue.

But you helped me a lot thinking about this matter when you posted the youtube.
Essentially it all comes down to frequency changes, and perfect DC (batteries have that).
And thinking a bit longer about it, the problem is just that for most light its not important so its not made perfect, while on the other perfect voltage control does exist (think of power inside computers), so intead of buying proffesional filming lamps ( Today i also learned about verry expensive lamps that dont have it, but they’re about 2860 euro ), i could just as well focus on the cause and use a custom (selfmade or self-bought ) flat DC source who might not usually be used for light , but would be quite cheaper than 2860,- … :wink:

Well, I’m glad it was helpful. I’m not really an electrician, so I wasn’t sure if my understanding was accurate or if the youtube link was useful.

if those camera’s where not so highspeed your answers probaply would be enough.
the world can look strange at in between 300 to 9000 fps