High-speed Flight Scene

So I managed to add a motion blur. But does it look realistic?

I don’t think it looks realistic.

Useful feedback is honored.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the ground looks very flat. Perhaps you could add a more prominent texture or, even better, add some displacement.

The entire image looks flat. I would try to add some depth to this.

give characters more light they seem way too dark and the flames need to start big and thin out, so selecting the end vertice pressing “o” and moving it back would give a bit more realism.

Also as said before add depth to the image, put things in the fore ground and middle ground. maybe clumps of dry grass?

great job so far!

Change the camera angle.

The characters looks realistic now

So it is intended as a high speed still, or is it intended as a high speed scene intended for a short?

Intended…intended…intended Too many intended’s :evilgrin:

Still a bit too flat. Change the camera angle into a profile shot.

The background doesn’t look like motion blur, it just looks like blur. If I were doing this I would try this. 1st: the hard way: I would render this in layers. Have the characters on one layer and the background on another layer. You need some middle ground objects as well. (Objects closer to the camera will have more motion blur than objects further away, this will give your image more depth) On the background and middle-ground layers I would apply the sample motion blur in the render panel (Right below antialiasing). I have never used it before so I have no idea how it works but I assume it simulates a long exposure. 2nd-the easy way: Get in your car and snap a picture while moving out the side window using a slow shutter speed. A combination of the two methods might even be better. Just some solutions I would try.