High Way Robery

inspired by fast and furious:):eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift:


The rain and lightening looks a little weird, and is that a lamp on the upper left? Seems too much bright and I think will attract viewers from the main object.

Just personal idea. :slight_smile:

nice one, I like the colours - yellow and blue combination … looks like some one knocked down, and looking through a glass

Amazing picture overall but a lightning can’t possibly be in focus while the street lamps are already out of focus. It should be blur and much, much brighter. A lightning is like 10 times brighter than the moon. Also I would make a choice between the moon and the lightning. Having both makes the scene too condensed. Finally, according to your focal length, the moon is like 20 times bigger than it would be in reality (I’m not even exaggerating). You can cheat but this still looks way too much to me.
For the rest it looks really good.

Awesome image. It’s better than 95% of the other images here on this forum. But like everybody else said, the moon does nothing to the image.

It’s a rare thing to see the moon during a rain storm because of the clouds. Not impossible but not something I’d expect either. I agree with the people above it’d be better to drop the moon, make the lightning brighter and out of focus. Apart from that, I love the mood and colours of the picture. Nice work!

wow… thank u all for your contribution, i will make an update for it…

Woah that is beautiful, for a moment I thought it was something from a GTA promo art.