Higher-contrast dark preset?

In short, I want to use the “Dark” preset, but want the dark parts darker, and bright parts brighter… Like the “High Contrast” theme of Android Studio or IntelliJ.

Blender’scurrent dark preset looks all right on one monitor, but looks bad (gray looks too bright) on the other monitor. I know I can edit the colours on by one in the Preferences > Themes, but there are too many items, so changing all of them will be time-consuming. Isn’t there an existing dark preset with higher contrast?

As a reference, this is the “High Contrast” theme of Android Studio:

And this is the normal “Dark” theme of Android Studio:

You can search for Blender themes and see if those work for you. A more simple approach would be to boost the contrast and reduce brightness of the other monitor or calibrate the monitors so their output is the same.

The problem is that the monitor has some bad anti-reflective coating that makes the grey bright when viewing not strictly perpendicularly. Since the monitor is big, most of the screen is not seen perpendicularly and most shades of grey colours look bad and the light grey text on a darker grey text look difficult to read.

I wish I could remove the anti-reflective coating from this monitor, I can’t. Unfortunately, most monitors sold here have some sort of anti-reflective coating (non-removable). I know that if I buy a Dell monitor, probably their coating won’t look this bad, but a Dell monitor of this specification is very expensive for me.