higher or lower uv setup which is better?

Just wondering if i have an image size 1300 x 1300 i want to texture with is it better quality if the uv layout is 1024x1024 or 2048x2048?

use a 1300x1300 texture then? you dont have to make it fit 1024/2048 unless ur planning on using it in a game engien.

Higer is better You get a higer resolution With a 2048 than a 1024…You can test it in Texture paint…1024 give jagged painting 2048 is smoother.

From Blender Manual…https://www.blender.org/manual/render/blender_render/textures/types/image.html

For the most efficient memory usage, image textures should be square, with dimensions as powers of 2, such as 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 1024×1024, 2048×2048, and 4096×4096.


1024 does not nessasarily give jagged edges. then again depends on the size of your model. again, you are probably not going to use it in a game, so just use a 1300x1300 texture. you dont HAVE to go for a square root of 2 unless ur planning on going BIG with this project.

Size of model dosen’t matter…You do not get a better resolution than You have.
Maybe it can look better on a smaller model…Hm


In part the resolution you choose depends on how many pixels the visible part of the texture is going to occupy on the screen, ie how close the model is going to get to the camera. There’s no point putting a 2K texture on a model that’s going to be so far away it only ever covers 10 pixels.

Its for a face and for a game and one with a first person perspective so faces can get big in screen.Just wondering how blender handles the extra space as in a 1300x1300 been applied over a larger area 2048x2048 my preference is to go bigger just wondering how well blender fills in the empty spaces. Was thinking i might even go 4096 if quality is not lost the further away from the size of the original image one goes.

what i ment, it depends on the size, aka are you making a building or a flowerpot?
and also the size, in terms of surface area. such as a complex mech, they take up more surface area and will then have a bigger UV map.

what you said there can be missleading, even if a model only covers up a small area of your screen you might still want to have a 2k texture. its about surface area, its not like you do project from view on everything. models with a lot of surface can easily require a 2k texture to look really good.

dont worry about it, use a 1300x1300 texture, you wont get in any trouble. ONLY thing is that blender will treat it as a 2048x2048 texture in memory. but if you upscale the texture to 2048 you might encounter other issues.

Very simple answer, use what you have. dont worry about size, just keep the aspect ratio the same as it was in the original image.

even if you have a 1920x1080 image, use it. no need to crop it or anything like that.

Ok cool thx for the info guys