highest quality video

I don’t know if this is the right part of the forum…
I am making a 6 second video to go behind the menu of a blu-ray video.
what is the sharpest highest quality settings for blender video.
I use AVI raw, seems to work but the other settings are what I need
it will be 1920 x 1080. 29.97 fps
do I set resolution to 100%?
antialiasing to 16?
etc etc
thanks all

AVI Raw is not for a final output. It’s an uncompressed intermediate format used for further post processing

so what do I do now?
the avi raw works in the software I use to make the menu etc.

Does your blu-ray authoring software re-encode everything when building the disc? If so, you’d want some intermediate format so you may as well just keep using avi raw if its working for you. If your blu-ray software is expecting pre-chewed video, you’re going to need to encode to blu-ray specs (hopefully this isn’t necessary).

What difference does the adjustments make that i listed above?

Resolution % is just a scale factor for test renders, so you want 100%. Setting it to 50% would give you 960x540, 200% would give you 3840x2160, etc. Antialiasing affects your 3D scene, not video encodes.

I just need the sharpest clearest video