Highly detailed tree branchs

I’ve been trying to create something similar to this image, but am not certain how to best approach it. Would I have to sculpt it? I don’t have much sculpting experience, and that seems like it would be rather tedious. Maybe I could use some displacement? Would that work?

Hmm… Do you know how to bevel curves to a circle? If so, then I would try creating a few curves roughly in the shape of the branch, and then bevel that to a circle. Then I would scale down the tip to make it look like a branch. After that I would try duplicating the curve and making different variations, that way I wouldn’t have to create a new curve each time. As for the main trunk, I would actually sculpt it, but only a little since the trunk doesn’t hold the detail (because the branches do;).

I’d use something like this for the basic shape.