Highly Experienced Coder looking to pair up with 3D Artist.

Highly experienced coder looking to pair up with 3D Artist.
15 years of coding experience.
Languages include C++, C#, PHP, PERL, Java, Python, SQL (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL)
and more. Tons of network coding experience and game engine coding.

Have a few demos available upon request.

Maybe you should put up some screenshots to help show what you’ve done. If you can’t, then maybe you should just list what some of your accomplishments are - “I have made a third-person adventure / shooter setup,” or something like that.

What he said. Pictures and Videos are like catnip for artists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Im a trusting person and when I read “15 years of experience” I thought “doing anything for 15+ years, means you’re a kickass artisan of given profession!”
Given different circumstances (If i were out of school already and had an open space for a project) I would be lining up to team up with you mate, best of luck finding someone :smiley: