Highly wip young woman-update

This is a very early stages model- first female character in blender (only 3rd total- and number two didn’t have facial features)
Warning: very wip. don’t say I didn’t warn you:
“rip her to shreds”(Blondie)

Very nice start! :o

Keep us updated!


yes I agree…very nice start, just work like that and it will come out just fine :slight_smile:

wow, that has huge potential!
one of the most dynamic faces i’ve
seen posted here. definately awesome.

:smiley: thanks for the nice comments. Wip or not, if you see anything glaringly wrong, please let me know (also, if you see something glaringly right, tell me too in case I didn’t and go changing it)
I’m working on her ear and her foot(I know- a lttle funny that way) I tend to model extremeties first, block the body out then tack them on and detail. usually I model my characters clothed, so it seems to make sense. (I’ve don the full body box modelling aproach too- but I tend to end up skimping on details)
anyways, I’ll post tonight, or, when I have something significantly different to show, however I feel.

its 1280x960, so I’m not inlining it- don’t feel like editing, its a quick grab to show the current state of her ear- nead to extrude out and shape the lobe, play with the rim (helix? tragus? I can never remember the name :frowning: ), and fix the interface/weld it into the head. Probably this evening.
I hope you like it!