Some peaky mountain.



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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oh coool! Thanks!

Very nice render, I like the effect of clouds, but I feel like you could’ve just skimmed off the clouds on top. The detail on the mountain is really good, but for some reason, I feel like i’m really close to a small mountain, like it’s a sculpt that’s been sold. Maybe if you zoomed the camera out and increased the focal length, then it would probably give the effect of a far away object. I like the render very much, thank you for letting me see this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for including the viewport image, it gives us a glimpse of how you built this great scene. If you have the time and inclination, I’d love to hear more details!

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Thanks! I did low detail volumetric clouds by rendering em and then just added some detail in photoshop to those. I guess that could have been done better :slight_smile:

Scale has always been always bit of a problem for me with these landscape/nature stuff and especially when there is not much of foreground or background things which are missing here. Focal length or FOV could been adjusted and i did play with it a bit after reading this message.

This was part of bigger scene where i have been trying different things for learning how to make landscape stuff better. And this was one of the instances which are used in it.

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Most of geo stuff here are just particle system instances. Rocks at top of peaks or near cliffs are manually placed by using particle system planes. Particles obviously are just rocks here :slight_smile:

Main particle system mesh/object has some vertex groups which define areas for specific rocks.
Also it uses subdiv and displacment modfier for bit more detail.

All rock instances are mostly procendular so i can change em without doing anything destructive.

Shader has 3 different slope groups(flat, ridge and cliff) and each of em has 2-3 different materials in em.

Mixing those different materials in those groups are done with noise.

There is also bit of bump noise which is also separated by slope groups.

Textures are projected by using triplanar projection. Generated triplanar uv’s are bit disorted by using noise which i think gives bit more natural look.

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Oh, yeah, here’s a thing you could fix easily.
So, I can see the base of the mountain, that’s not the problem, but at the base of the mountain, the background is still a sky. There should be some land or water near the base of this mountain. Most likely water because there is a lot of deposition of materials at the base.

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Thanks for the breakdown! There’s more going on in the shader than I would have guessed. I’ll be attempting some steep rock outcroppings soon, thanks for the inspiration.

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