Highpoly Car Modeling

I wanted to make a highpoly car model…something like the professional cars that you see in galleries. I’ve only made lowpoly and medium poly cars up to this point. I have done high poly objects, but not at complex as a car before…I’m just wondering what the procedure to make one is. I normally just model a low poly object, add a little detail (major detail only), then use subsurf and then finish off the smaller details…Is that the right path to go or is there much more effective way? I’ve heard of the term “clay model” but have no clue how you use sculpting to create a good-looking car…What’s the best method in making one?

You have the right idea. Just made a low poly base mesh with no bumps, smooth that, then start adding details to whatever degree you want. That is just one method though. There are others, but this is the one I recommend. When people talk about clay model, that is usually just about how you show off your model, sculpting a car is not the best idea.