Highpoly instancing script for Blender 2.8 (WIP)

I opened proxy.blend and it says it’s a library and only shows an empty Scene.
I can see objects (high poly and low poly) in the File content but don’t get how to display them.
Can you please share a video about this?

in Outliner > Blend File go to collections and right-click the proxy collection. Choose ‘Link to Scene’ and the collection including both models will appear in the viewport.

Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:


in this topic i saw that we can draw colored curve using ‘bgl’ (3rd post)
would this help you in making those points having different colors ?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I did some investigation since you can also draw the points of a mesh. The result is colored but the problem is that the points are really just drawn in 3D space. To my knowledge there is no way to select, move or even scatter them.

Cannot this technique be used? Seems like it’s the same thing.

Yes, kind of. It was also one of my first ideas.
I had a short conversation with the author if it would be feasable to represent the content a BLEND file as point cloud instead of the PLY format.
Apart from the fact that the PCV code exceeds my python knowledge by far :grimacing:, he mentioned that python would be very slow for drawing the points of high meshes (C or C++ would be better). Also, the point clouds can’t be scattered using particle systems which would be the main purpose.

If there is still someone out there who maybe knows how to represent scattered objects with BGL let me know.

Yes indeed !

Here’s a new version featuring a dropdown to change display type between bounds, point cloud, origin (just an empty arrow)

Blender 2_80_Proxy Tools_v1_2_1.py (17.4 KB)

In the Scatter thread you mentioned some “double particle system proxy hack” what’s that about?

I use the particle system of the high poly mesh on a low poly mesh, hide low poly from render and high poly from viewport. And voila, proxy hack

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hi, you can draw any colored point data from other scripts with PCV: https://github.com/uhlik/bpy#external-api

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Proxy tool is awesome! Would it be possible to do it on a sequence? I have this very heavy animated alembic file and it would be wonderful if I could have a proxy for the entire thing.

Never mind, it already works!!! :slight_smile:

I love proxy tool! I would be awesome if you could add an option to load back a proxy in case you need to make changes then you can redo a proxy. Awesome job! 1.2.1 is the latest?

@xrogueleaderx Would it be possible to make a version that would support hierarchies? An empty on top with gems and more empties under it? Cheers.

Quick question - is this script tracked in a repository somewhere, ie Github? I think that would be great so people like me could contribute and create issues to be tracked.

If you’re not able, I’d be happy to create the repo without any credit to me, just as a reference.

Thanks for your interest. Currently, it’s not on Github, so feel free to add it there.
If I have some time, I’ll try to wrap my head around how Github works😅

It`s actually been a while since I touched the addon, because there are two essential issues that would have to be fixed in Blenders code first.

  1. After 2.8 instances (particles) that only consist of vertices are not correctly displayed in the viewport. Cycles preview is fine, however. I already filed a bug report that has been confirmed but not fixed.
  2. Last time I checked performance, the result in 2.9 where not even close to 2.8. In 2.8 I could have thousands of ‘proxies’ without lagging (see first post). In 2.9 and later it seemed like there was no effect switching from high poly object to vertex cloud proxy at all.

Done: semagnum/blender-proxy-tools (github.com)

When you have a Github account and feel comfortable, reach out and I can put you as the owner or at least a contributor.

Updated the repo, should now work with Blender 3. Also made some minor improvements to the UX.


Thanks for keeping it up to date!