Highres Cobblestone Textures!

Hey guys!! I love Blender, but more than anything, art. SO, I made some new textures. I’M TIRED OF trying to find cobble textures! They are the textures everyone needs!

Step 1: I took an image from:
(scroll down a little bit, you’ll recognize it)

Step 2: I edited the image in Gimp, and made it tileable (TOOK forever, but was great fun :P)

Step 3: I made two new versions of it, by using overlay settings in gimp, tweaking some colors, brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Step 4: Put them in blender, they all use the same spec and normal map which I made beforehand.

I LOVE the two darker ones, think they turned out perfect.

I think the hardest part is getting them tileable in Gimp, but it was an interesting process which I enjoyed… I’ll definitely be doing it again.

I wanna release these for you guys, maybe BlenderArtists.org or Turbosquid.com, we’ll see how bad I need some extra money (saving for a car)

I accidentally made the whole image 1280*960!! So, its a rectangular texture lol. Well, you can get around that easily as I did in the video, the ration is 4:3, so it isn’t too hard to scale up in Blender on the x axis.

Anyways. I really hope you liked this, please give me some feedback! As you probably know by now, I’m more into the graphics side of Game Development. So; I thought it was time to get deeper into texture creation. Let me know what kind of textures you want to see me make in the future, and remember, my style is realistic fantasy type.

So, here’s the YouTube video: