Highrise Apartment

Made for Evermotion’s Aandres competition.

Comments & Critiques are welcome!


Larger versions-

(The chair model is available on my 3Docean page if anyone is interested)

Very nice, I like this a lot (and I seldom comment on rooms)! My only observation is that I do like that you didn’t lay the rug flat, but I would suspect on a wood floor with “folds” that wide, that heavy of a carpet it would naturally flatten itself (at least the one immediately left of the forward corner). It is refreshing to see though it’s not “tidy flat”. I love the wall texture too, I love the feel it brings to the room. Details are awesome.

This are impressive renders! And impressive modeling too. Except the rug.

… how do you get your work to look that good? seriously lol


always top level! I love them! =)

Great attention to detail. Except the rug should be flattened.

Amazing work! I have to agree with the others about the rug, it just doesn’t look quite right folded so much, possible make the folds less noticeable instead of making it completely flat?

excellent, i love it… except for the hideous rug… but good job 4/5


top class except for that rug, but still top class and thank the good lord you don’t go for that Barcelona chair that I see too much of 5 stars from me

thanks for the comments!

Updated renders without rug + a few more minor tweaks.

is really great, very good details, very photorealistic.

as an architect im just relieved to see you dont have a barcelona chair! you get some stars. nice textures on the wall, and nicely shaped glass - i only wish the national geographics were a bit more floppy and well thumbed like they are in my house!


The last frame, although slightly under-exposed, seems to be the only one that has the surface texture (on both the wall and the chair-cloth) that my eye was looking for in all of the other frames. I think that the one preceding it, for instance, omits that detail because it is one or so stops over-exposed. The second frame has a serious issue, I think, with the top-edge shadow on the wall above the poster.

So many shots like this, it seems … the modeling is fine, the setup is fine, but the exposure is off and the picture comes out looking improbably flat. I realize, looking at the final frame where these details are present, that my eye is looking for that specular shine back from the wood-panel surface, thus describing the nature of that surface. And, it is looking for the texture of the cloth on that foreground chair.

Wow - you did this with indigo? Amazing job. How long did the renders take?

wow!!! insane! photorealism like i’ve (almost) never seen before! nice!!

Gallery stuff maybe?