Highway (NEW...ER)

I am trying to create a section of highway that I can duplacate over and over again to get what I need.
as you can see from the picture there definat lines seperating each copy of the segment.
my problems are as follows: It looks vary CG, I would like suggestions on how to make it look more realisitc while keeping it lowpoly.
something about the preportions it not correct, and I cant put my finger ont what that is.
I need some crits on my texturing, and how I could make it better.
I need some direction on specularity mapping.

any help that can be offered, I will be greatful to have


I think it’s pretty good. About your question. To do so the lines disappear join the 2 parts (CTRL+J) and scale each vert of the sides to 0 and when you’re done press remove doubles button.

well I think the lines are caused by the textures not messhing togeather smoothly


Well, for me it looks like you have a section of bridge. If you google for images of highways, you’ll see most of them with guardrails like yours, tend to keep a pretty sizable shoulder area, almost as wide as a lane.

Also, if you judge by the stripe sizes, and even the guard rail posts and beams, your actual lanes look barely big enough to be bike paths.

Your problem with the edges could be compensated by making obvious expansion joints, though going the route of fixing the textures and placing in specific expansion jonts would probably look better.

Oh, that center cement divider. Even in the ones I’ve seen that are molded on the spot, they still usually build in holes to attach lifting cranes to move them as needed. And also, expansion joints for heat/cold changes.

Hope that helps.

So heres an update.

As you can see, I still have not been able to get rid of the lines between segments, I have tried making the segments one mesh and then removing the doubles. and a seemless texture. any suggestions?

also any hints on specularity maps would be good.


Here are some suggestions…

  1. I would set the road spec to zero. Asphalt is not very shiny.

  2. Remove the road expansion joints. Typically asphalt does not require them.

  3. Increase the width of the lanes by 1/3 and add a gravel shoulder 1/3 the width of a lane.

  4. If you have gimp or photoshop, create an asphalt texture then lighten and darken parts of it to simulate wear and fluid stains.

something I forgot to tell you is this is for a raised highway

Also Set your lamp to Sun and tweek the settings…It will light up way better for us to get a good look

here it is again
you can see the changes for your self
next on the list is fixing the wood and specularity mapping


yet another update

so Iadded a bump and fixed the wood textures



Impressive…Now you just need to make the street 100% tileable

The identical texturing on the Jersey barriers is distracting

I just looked out the window at I-94, and verified that the lanes should be darker down the middle (motor oil; keep your bike off it).

Good progress Corndog, keep at it.

any suggestions on what to do about the Jersey barriers.
I’m going for as photo realistic as I can get, and I have observed these kind of tire marks on them, but you are right it is a little redundant.

Corndog I usually make 3 diffrent tileable textures…Or 1 big one

I did some work on the road texture. it tiles ok on a flat serface so I’m still trying to figure out how to fix the problem, but it is alot better I think.

I also need to update the bump map


Why do the white stripes look like bumps? Also, some dirt map might be in order. Lookin good though!

Check out this action!




I like the pilings, they have heft and weight. The texture looks stretched though, scale it down.

The Jersey barriers are better without the repetitive scuff marks. But if you find you can afford to add a random scuff here or there, it will add to the realism.

Again, I’m not sure about the doubled dark stripes on the pavement. In sunlight and dry conditions, you usually see a single dark strip about 60cm wide down the center of each lane due to oil leakage from engines.