HIGHWAY STAR (Animation)


I dont feel satisfaction in this animation. But I want to know how do you feel.
So, modestly presenting. C & C, welcome.

Animation is here. About 5.5MB, 15sec.

The motorcycle driving is quite nice. The expression on the girl’s face is something of complete aloofness though. I somewhat imagine running through her head the thought “I like seashells.”

very nice m8

But she needs some leathers and helmet etc or something,

the cloth and hair movements are very well done :smiley:

So for so good.
Edited your takes nice to.
How you get the hair to move ? Was it with armatures?

Its the new motorsport that tries to make everyone happy! Dirt-track racing with environmentally-friendly scooters driven by babes in evening gowns! Or maybe a new “Miss America” talent segment… instead of the evening-gown competition, its now the “how fast can you race a scooter around a dirt track in your evening gown while maintaining that pleasant smile on your face (bugs in teeth notwithstanding)” competition?

Sorry, Caplicon, I just had to kid around with you on this one… I think its very good animating, but what is the story you’re trying to tell? I saw your previous versions, too, when she was doing figure eights in the parking garage… and they were well done also… I guess they’re just for the excercise: a learning experience? Keep ‘em comin’!

Thank everyone for comments.You all are very imaginative!
As you say, I’m sturuggling to find out the story.
“I like seashells”,“Its the new motorsport…”, these words
stimulate me into action.

m8=mate, oh! I didn’t Know.javascript:emoticon(’:-|’)