Hill Giant W.I.P.


I wanted to get back into Zbrush so I started this giant. I took the base human sample model and split him in half. Then I modeled eye sockets and an interior to the mouth. Then I brought him into Blender and UVed him. I will update him as he progresses.

You can also check here for updates:


thats pretty good. Depending on your style though, you may want to make the head small compared to the body and some similar things. This will make it look like a giant even if there is nothing around to compare it to.

Looks good so far.
Is that screenshot taken from blender or zbrush? If blender could you give me the material settings for it?

I am doing the detailing in Zbrush. But thats only because I am still learning Blender. I have seen a lot of good examples of being able to do this in Blender. But for now I am going to detail in Zbrush. I am planning on rigging in Blender. Also I am buying an HD camera this month and am planning a small short film with the giant and live actors.

sup elfeddie, nice work, only crit is the inside of his forearm seems to hollow and the forearm is too ‘flat’.

i have tried to get the whole blender-zbrush workflow happening but have had problems when imported objs into blender. did u do anything special to get the obj to work properly? my object is imported but you can’t go into edit mode on it… sorry to hack your thread…


Never noticed that but I can check on it over the next few days. What versions of software are you using? And what OS?

A.Vector: You have to make the mesh a single user object, thats including object data, materials and whatnot to make it part of the blender scene. Otherwise it’s probably your OBJ importer that’s playing up. I can import OBJ’s quite easily, just make sure the vertex count is reasonable otherwise it goes BLEURGH!

sup elfeddie,

I’m using windows xp sp2, blender 2.45 and zbrush2.0.

It seems like it has something to do with the poly groups in zbrush, I managed to get the import to work but each poly group comes in as seperate objects. But I just found a way around that, if in the importer you deslect ‘groups’ it comes in as one group (:o). So I think I’m sorted now :smiley: (Thanks for the tip phoenix123)

Just need to figure out how to export a specific layer of sub-d and I’m winning!