Hillside animation

Hey every(any)one,

This was an animation I actually did … actually over a month ago, but realized I never posted it here (…S**t, I did actually, anyway to delete a thread? My bad…). The occasion was senior sendoff for my school/grade, and this was a momento to our achievement of graduating. This was a ‘test’ of using fluids and grass, though both I had done before. On starting this short project I had always had issues with the fluid simulator and “leaking” containers/colliders, as can be seen. But more recently I’ve more or less gotten over this issue.

Aside from that, this was also the first time I used nodes for post-production, I never imported this into a video editor (I overlaid the title animations from a render file I made with LiveType). That was a test of how convenient it is to use the blender VSE. My biggest complaint there is that channels even with alpha cannot show layers underneath without being put into meta groups, which is irritating when you have groups inside of groups inside of groups and the bottom level needs to be fixed a little. But regardless, it does work :slight_smile:

And the animation, available through youtube’s different 3D options (which does include 2D):

Click here [not the thumbnail] for the animation

feedback etc welcome. And I’m curious… does anyone know of a stereographic filmmaker’s forum/community by chance?