Hilux | offroad

A Stylized Render of an early-90’s Toyota Hilux blasting its way off-road.
Feedback is appreciated! I hope you like it :yes:

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  • Nico

Wow very goodd, rendered in cycles?All geometry or background image?

Very nice, I really like the style, you don’t see artworks like this made in Blender very often.

A couple of small points though, I think it would have looked even more realistic if you had done some basic modelling of the inside of the vehicle too. And to me the truck looks a little bit dark compared to the background.

Thank you! It’s rendered in Cycles. The ground is all geometry, the threes and sky are just alpha planes.

a bit of motion blur on the wheels are rotating…otherwise the flying mud is not justyfied…

Really a good job! I think that adding the motion blur is a right advice. SInce I’ve never tried, I was wondering if the motion blur be added with the compositing or if is there a smarter way…

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback.
I agree on modeling the interior, it’s something I haven’t really done yet. I think I had some basic seats and a steering wheel inside, plus a roll-cage, but they aren’t very visible in this render.

I should try some interior modeling next, but it’s hard to find good reference and tips.

  • Nico

Thank you! I agree on the motion blur. There’s already motion blur happening with the mud and rocks flying, and the rear wheels are spinning. The front wheels are tilted in an angle, so I couldn’t spin them around. I haven’t discovered a way to turn and spin them fast and easy.

I’m really glad to receive all this feedback! Good way to learn :yes:

For me there is always one simple element that needs adding to an interior for it to look more realistic, and that is the frame/roll-cage next to the front windscreen. All vehicles have a thick bar there to stop the roof collapsing if it rolls.

On this and many other models you can see straight through the front and side windows, and it’s obvious that there is no structure there on the inside. I doubt it would take much work to add, but I think just that small addition would significantly diminish the “There’s something that doesn’t quite look right here” reaction I often get when looking at car models.

It’s just my opinion, but maybe something to consider in future. Great work nevertheless.

Thanks for your feedback! I agree, I should start focusing more on the interiors too.
I tend to always forget to model the A-pillar next to the windshield.


  • Nico