Hindu Temple Environment


Hey guys, I’m using my vacation to practice my skills as an Environment Artist. I intend to create an environment not very big, but with many details. My inspiration is focused on the ancient Hindu temples in Indonesia. Especially the Sacred Monkey Forest and Angkor Wat. Here are some reference photos:


I already have something modeled and textured. And also, I have made available for download at Blend Swap, the .blend of first Hindu statue that I made for the scenario. See a picture:



Last Night, I’ve just finished the texturing of a shrine, and I am very happy with the result. There were hours and hours of work to creating the textures, adding layers of “dirt”, layers of “moss” and to adjusting the coloration. Finally I reach the level of detail that I wanted. Check out the pictures below for my progress so far…



Soon I’ll post more pictures of my progress. I’d like to read your feedback! :wink: Thanks…

For more information, check out my blog: giovanniluccaartist.wordpress.com

All is looking very nice. Thanks for Buddha Stature on BlendSwap. I’m working on music video where I need an old Temple (outside and inside environment), so I hope you’ll post more of your works soon.
Thanks again!

Thanks Julian! …and definitely I will publish more of my work in Blend Swap. Once everything is ready, the little shrine that you see on this post will be available for download, including all the textures! stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Looking forward to it.
By the way, I’m still quite new in Blender and more skilled in AfterEffects so far…
So, If you have some spare time and willing for a collaboration, maybe you could join me on this project. This is a music video I’m doing for one of my instrumental compositions “Lotus in Her Hands” - a little bit of mystery in the environment very much like you’re working on :slight_smile: So, it might be a good example for your work as well. I’m doing it just for fun and to improve my skills in Blender. So, if you up to I would appreciate your participation and help.

amazing texture work, looking forward to see more… :wink:

Julian, thanks for the invitation, we can talk better about it by email or personal message here on the blender artists. My email is [email protected] :slight_smile:

Great, will email you :slight_smile: