Hinge doors n ball and socket joints

Hi guys, first i’m totally new to both blender and 3d and so this forum so sorry if this is a simple question. I have 2.37a.

I’m gonna be using blender mostly for creating graphics for incorporating into DV films and will be working on a Dr Who fan film soon. What I need to do is create a 3d model of a dalek and of the tardis. What I need to know is how would I hinge doors for the tardis and how I would create functional ball joints for gun and sucker arms and also the eye stalk and the rotation of the head and centre section. I’m guessing it’s all bones and constraints but if anyine has done something similar or knows of the right tutorials to point me to I would appreciate it.

The documentation has an example of rigging mechanical objects. I had a post on this thread somewhere about using armatures for rigging mechanics also.

try searching the forum, i am sure you’ll find a handful of examples. work from those at first until you get comfortable with it. if you still have problems, just post the specifics back here and we’ll do what we can! :slight_smile: