Hint of a 3D scene for a futur short movie ( Blender 2.72 Beta)

Crits are very welcome :rolleyes:

Very good! I like the cliffs in the background…what was your approach with those? Displacement? or did you model them all and just add a texture? You’ve also got a good start on the composition. Crits: Maybe desaturate the ivy on the wall so that it doesn’t stand out as much. Add some bump to that cliff texture (got some good shadows but in places it looks too flat). I was going to say make the water brighter but on second thought, it might help to go darker…kinda frame the focal point (or what I assume is the focal pt…the fortress looking thing.) Finally, add something to give the scene some movement (a flowing banner, figures in motion, etc.)

I like that it make me want to know the story that’s going on…

Good luck w/ your project.

Looks good. What color is you lamp?