hints needed to make new .ORG site

hints needed to make new .ORG site
i want to make site related to blender and how to devolpe the BGE and PS2/PSP games programming and games programming in General .
and Zbrush as well
please , i want you tips … help is greatly apreciated .

*3D Games Programming
-Blender GE
-Python in GE
-Crystal Space
*Programming Language
-PS2 Programming
-PSP programming
*3D Specific apps
-Blender Internal RE
*2D Painting
-concept painting
*Sound composition
-Music Composition
-Voice Acting
-SE art

  • Tutorials <archived topics>
    -French Language Edu
    -Admin Crew

i almost forgot , i want the best tried companys <some people who had experience with good companys ?? > , and thanks again :slight_smile:

well the first things you need will be web-space and domain hosting, many hosts will even give you a free domain(the .something address) when you rent hosting space from them. :slight_smile:

so look into that…

Oh , i know that thanks , but which company is the most well-known one ?

Hi 3dGuru, Please allow the users to upload flash clips also.

And is also the worst route to go. No only can they charge you an excessive amount the following year to either renew with them, or if you decide to leave them (to have the domain name transfered).

You also have very limited use to domain features, such as creating sub domain names and so on, and may also be charged to make changes. On top of all this, they also own the domain name so if you become really popular, they might just decide to point your traffic to their website.

free domain name or not, they’ll simply be adding the price for the domain to their hosting prices.

The best hosting site I know of at this piont is www.site5.com

Cool - I’ll give the site5 a go - always wanted my site!