Hints or help with a model

Hi, im following some online lessons on learnin how to use blender and ive come across an exercise which i havent a clue on.

I’ve been asked to create the attached shape but the lessons so far have only given basic controls and nothing to do with what i see here. What i see is a single shape thats been extruded into a rough shape then subdevided and smoothed. However, I dont get how its been done with one shape. I cant seem to get the extrude right. Have the shapes actually been joined? also, if they have, is there another way rather than inserting edges and faces inbetween the 2 shapes?

By the way, if there are multiple shapes i see 4 cubes and 2 hemispheres. am i missing anything?

You can make this object from one cube, using Extrude, and loop cutting where you need to make additional appendages and faces in the model.

I would start by extruding the arms from the cube then Extrude the head and then finally the rest of the body.

sorry, im unfarmiliar with loop cutting, how does it work?

I see a seam in the middle, so it was probably made using a mirror modifier, or constructed as a half, and then mirrored.

to loop cut press ctrl R and pass your mouse cursor over your model in edit mode.

Oh ok thanks, lol ive been using that but i didnt know that was what it was called