"Hippo in a High-Rise" — A Recent Blender/Flash Project for "LoFi Therapy"

Here’s a project I recently made for “LoFi Therapy” that I’m quite pleased with!

For the disco ball, I used a mirrored sphere with “flat” (as opposed to “smooth”) shading and surrounded it with an assortment of colorful spheres invisible to both Camera Rays and Shadow Rays.

I experimented with creating a rainbow of plastic shaders (Diffuse and Glossy Shaders mixed) and assigning those materials to the objects first and foremost this time around. Then, if I wanted something a little more sophisticated like the velvet shader on the speakers, I added those materials after the fact. This ended up giving the scene a toy-like, stylistic effect.

The buildings are elongated cubes, after which they were subdivided. Duplicates were then made (in place) and given Wireframe Modifiers, which gave the buildings that distinctive recessed window look.

Most of the objects in the scene are actually rather simple, rectangular shapes. But, Subsurface Modifiers were applied to said objects and Edge Creases were added for fine tuning.

Anyway, this was a fun project, and I think it might be my best background work to date in Blender. I know lots of people make far more sophisticated things than I have thus far created, but perhaps there are some who might enjoy this! =) Peace and God bless!