Hippo Yawn

I found a toy hippo in the house, so I used that as reference and also some pics from google. Anyways this is just the head, took about 2 hours to model since I had to take breaks to stare at references.


Enjoy :slight_smile:

Wow, I really like it, and now I have the urge to play some hungry hungry hippos, its an eating race!

But it is a nice model

Nivek: Thanks! :smiley:

Little update:



Now to model some feet. :slight_smile:

Looking great! I’m impressed. I have a really hard time modelling without ref images in the background.

Soter: Thanks. Well, even though I didn’t have a reference pic in the background, I had a toy hippo setting on my desk which was more then enough reference!

After doing a test render I noticed a few places a bit off, so I modified the head a bit. There is still some problems around the nose, I’ll fix that tomorrow… it’s bedtime for me! Also the poor guy is missing some teeth!

This work is so nice, and highly apriciateable mesh work. keep wokin in such simple but exceptional things. do share with everyone so that all can learn the simplisity of the 3D work.


[email protected]

marlopax: Thanks…

OK I changed the eye a bit:

I’ve also started modeling the Feet…

cool, I had no idea that’s what hippo feet looked like.
(I was suspiscious so I did a google search :D)

One question on your mesh:
Do you model with the subsurf applied in Edit Mode?

Excellent stuff Calvin. This would make a brilliant lesson in achieving amazing results with subsurf and almost no verts!

nice topology, you know those things can bite a person in half! verrry dangerous.

wow really nice work.
looking forward to see it completed


Soter: I had to do a google search for feet, you probabley found the image I used… :smiley:

Yes, I never turn it off. From the first to the last vertex point.

AndyD: Thanks, hmmm maybe I can do a modeling tutorial when I get a bit better. I’m still in practice/noob mode when it comes to modeling.

Modron: Thanks… Yeah I saw one in a ZOO, one foot away through the glass. Hippos are HUGE, bigger and more powerful then what you see in cartoons.

Piro: Thanks, I’ve been really busy this week, I’ll try my best to complete it.

I just got home and managed to attach the feet. I also moved around some vertices on the body.

That is great. I can’t find anything wrong with it from that last shot you showed.