Hipster Girl - Looking to make a Stylized character

My first attempt at a stylized character. Going for realism was too difficult for me right now. She will have clothes eventually.



My Main reference


Here is the latest. Does anybody know if I can sculpt shape keys? I’d like to fix the pec area deformations with a sculpted shape key on a multiresolution modifier so I dont affect the base.

Here is the latest. You can use shape keys on higher levels of multiresolution unfortunately so I just had to sculpt it into this base pose.

really good base work. honestly, like 90% there. But the mouth, chin, and cheek creases need work to match your reference photo.

Your subject chin needs slightly recessed. And tapered. As well the mouth (lips) protrude too far forward. I attached some photo references.

Thank you for the very useful feedback. I will incorporate those into my next edits.

I made some adjustments to the mouth and some of the textures and I’m trying out hair particles. I didn’t bother adding any image effects in photoshop for this again. I will at the end.

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Closer. the chin tip and jaw line I think are better. The mouth isn’t as pronounced as before.
you lost a little fullness and curve to the cheekbone area.

I would say experiment with pulling the chin back a bit more. Along with building up the cheeks on the front of the eye orbit and to the side.

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Here is the latest update. The hair is getting better. Working with Blenders hair system is not very fun.

Originally I manually placed hairs and groomed them and used simple children particles. But I redid the hair which is now using an image texture to control the density which allows me to use interpolated children which look way better in my opinion.

Does anyone have any idea how I could make the edge of her bangs more defined? As if they were just cut? The hair particles already stay the same size throughout and dont shrink at the tip.

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The hair looks outstanding. Seriously. I don’t think the bangs should be changed. They already got a “Breakfast at Tiffany” look

And I can see where the chin has been pulled back. I think you added some mass to the cheekbones, a bit. Overall, the face is gaining that feminine heart shape.

I’d recommend from this point on, if you want more head/face structure critiquing, it would help to provide a “front face” image, and “full profile” shot. And without hair makes it easier.
But overall, it’s great at this point.

Thanks for all your help FXR. I think it would be more useful for me to finish this project and move onto the next as I tend to get too caught up in details and it’s been stunting my progress as an artist. I think I’ll learn faster with a more rapid approach and just make more content overall.

You’re right on that point. Surprisingly, after doing other projects and portraits, later on, you’ll do in hours and days what it took you weeks and even months to achieve on this project.

Good move, and good work

PS: But remember, next time, provide a full front face and full profile. Grey scale with some reflection. That “Greatly Helps” not only others to provide structural change comments but as well for yourself.
That way it forces you to :focus on facial topography, rather than skin color, pores, wrinkles, whatever.

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