Hipster girl V2

Hi guys, I’ve been working on shaders and textures for this girl. Comments will be appreciated :wink:

I Like it!

I like what you’ve got going on here. Very cool :slight_smile:

Just two comments:

  1. Something seems a little off about the shading/texturing of the lips. Specifically, it has to do with the transition between the lipstick and the rest of the face.
  2. With the “fat end” of the eyebrows, it seems quite obvious where there are some darkened faces/polys and where you’ve just got hairs. Perhaps some tweaks there (either blending off the dark base color - as if there’s makeup stretching over - or making some tweaks to the hair roots) might help?

Do you intend to add any hair, or is this the final look? If the former, I’m curious what you’ve got in mind :slight_smile:

Wow, those eyes look great! I can tell you’ve put care into your shaders, not only for the skin and eyes but also for her clothes and jewelry. The sheer material of her top is very realistic looking.

Something about the eyelids looks strange to me, almost like she only has holes in her face where eye are placed, rather than eyelids that are folded back. Or if she does have modeled eyelids, maybe the dark red color of them is too thick- I hope my description is understandable!

In any case, she’s looking great!

I really like the design you have going on. Also the freckles are a nice touch. I really like those ears being that they are stylized. However, I think they don’t match with the rest of her look. they would fit better on a more geometric kind of character. I think she would look better with softer edges in her ears.