Hipster girl

Hi guys, I still working on this character. I just realized that I had some problems with my lighting, so I fix it :slight_smile:
So now, I can work on textures, shaders and some nice hair for this girl :slight_smile:

She doesn’t really look like a hipster as just a woman wearing fashionable stuff. Nonetheless, it’s a good render all around. Nice modeling and texturing. The only thing is that it seems like her neck’s really long. Otherwise, it’s pretty solid.

Hi, thanks! I guess that a full body render is a must here! :smiley: The neck is very long in purpose :wink: I’m gonna make a render so you can see the proportions :wink:

Here it is! :wink:

I really love your textures, your character is cute, but something is not so good…

What color eyes are those?

Hi guys, thanks! the eyes are blue! :wink: