Hi guys, this is the project I’m currently working on. Hope you like it! :wink:

nice! i really like that,only critique is the pockets

I agree. it’s a great model, and also that the loud pocket detracts a bit from the overall character.

Nice! A very stylistic character with a great pose and facial expression!

Interesting character, oilB! Lots of nice details; as for the pockets, I actually like them. I see a lot of kids with pockets sticking out past their short shorts now, and I think it makes your character feel more real.

I didn’t mean the protruding pockets. I meant the colorful texture on one of the pockets. it’s all toned down, but that colorful spot pulls the eye there.

Hi guys, thanks for the comments, I’m gonna work on the details you pointed. Thanks! :wink:

Great style!

Cool character she just needs a nice scene to be in

I personally really like the character but there is something other that the pocket that is bothering me, it’s the hair, i don’t know why, it just doesn’t feel right.

Anyone less have the same feeling, because it could just be me?

It’s refreshing to see some non-realism! I love the character design :slight_smile:

This is so cute! I really like it. Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with the pockets. The only thing that bother me here a bit is her legs. Aren’t they a bit too thin?

Good luck with your project!!

Sorry Modron, it was late when I read your comment. I agree with you now that I see what you meant, the eye does instantly gravitate towards that colorful pocket, especially when most of the rest of the design is almost grayscale.

Nice design and render! Just, hmm … isn’t she a little bit manly in the pelvis area? You can ease it a little bit xD Also a texture on her shirt ends quite suddenly and not evenly. You can tweak uv’s a little bit. Great job!

wow…thanks to you all for your comments! I have a lot to tweak now! :smiley:
I’m definetly gonna change the texture on the pocket! also I have to Unwrap the model because she is gonna have some tattos on the arms and legs :slight_smile:


I love how far you’ve pushed her proportions! I agree that the patch on her pants is bright and that the legs are a bit thin - there’s a huge gap between her legs and her ankles are skinnier than her wrists. It feels like the whole leg could be widened till the ankles are the same width as her wrists, and then it would look a bit more natural.