Hiring 3D Artist - (Quickly made) Semi-stylized Rocks [Job Finished]

Hey there, I’m just an individual, working on a solo project except I haven’t had the time to create my own rocks with everything else going on. I am looking for a somewhat experienced 3D artist to create low-poly semi-stylized rocks: 2-3 large ones, 1-2 small, and 3 small scatter groups. I’d like to get these fairly quickly. Most of the quality can come from the textures, using Substance Painter or some other procedural program can be used for more quick results. My budget varies, but I’ll start around $50.


  • 2 Large Rocks
  • 1 Small Rock
  • 3 Rock Scatter Groups


UPDATE: Job has been finished, thanks for all the replies!

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i can make the most realistic and stylized rocks for you flat shading is so fun to do sadly im mostly limiting my personal work to semi realistim but i would love to make some awesome rocks
my artstation https://www.artstation.com/gloriatheanimator
my email [email protected]

Blender rocks!! ahahah I made this a while ago , I can do more if you like , or directly give you these!

Hi there! I’d be happy to work with you for $30. Can have it done within a day. Let’s get rocking!
Here’s my website with previous works :slight_smile:

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