Hiring A Character Modeller/Rigger WHAT IS FAIR COMPENSATION?

Just a general question to feel you all out. In the new year I will be requiring the services of someone who can model, texture and rig a single character which I would then animate. It is for a paid project for my company and you would be compensated fairly. (Of course payment would be negotiated up front - I NEVER expect anyone to work for ‘exposure’ or ‘deferred payment’ as I have been in that boat before.) This would have to be done in Blender, as that is the only software I use.

I would do it myself, but my modelling and texturing abilities are not up to par for this project, and I have never been able to rig a character’s mouth well.

So I am just curious if anyone is interested and what they would charge for something like this. At this point, don’t be afraid to give me a REAL number of what you value such work at, because I really want to know what this would cost me.


Here (Germany) 3D freelancers are about 250 - 450 Euros per day + 19% VAT.

Modelling, texturing and rigging a character could take anything from a day to two weeks depending on its complexity and quality as well as the artists skills.

It depends, first you’ll want to check the person’s portfolio and see what standard they’re at. However a general artist wage would range between 20-40 Euros and hour.

As mentioned, it also depends on the complexity of the project you want to pay someone for.