Hiring a technical art / modeling / animation expert for a rhythm motion game

We are a rising rhythm motion game made for web and uses GLTF / three.js web renderng.

We would like to hire a great technical art person who knows 3D modeling and animation well with aptitude to work cross-functionally with a product and engineering team on a cutting edge way to apply 3D animation.

The immediate work include two parts:

  1. We want to create a custom 3D model from a design. It is not too high definition – we currently use a free ready player me 3D model and worked well with that level of definition. We used to use Mixamo free models too. Both are not too realistic and runs efficiently in web.

  2. We want to create a stickman / abstract style simple-looking 3D model – we currently have design in mind and would need a detailed artistic eye to bring it to life.

In the future, we would need to rely on your knowledge on the animation / rigging too for the other parts of the project.

Global remote work. Must speaks great English.

If interested, please contact [email protected]