Hiring artist to make concept art


I’m looking to hire a blender artist for concept art for a webseries. The prefence is to make 3D characters with 2D toon or anime style shading but open for siggestions. Currently looking to create atleast 5 concept art renders:

There are 4 main characters, so there will be a render for each individual character and 1 render which shows all 4 characters together. For the characters, 3 of the characters are human and 1 is animal (dog).


I am willing to pay $500 (minimum) and $1000 (maximum) depending of how good your work is. Keep in mind, if I get a good response from the concept art I will be investing more money to develop a full on animation webseries.

If you are interested, you can share your work and If your style fits my needs, I will definitly hire you.

Company: The company I will be releasing this through is Mannster Studio Inc. Which is a federally registered with Canada. I am the soul owner of the company and have not released any previous work.

The due dates and etc will be decided based on the quotes I get.


hello so i dont really get the job thing but if it includes character modeling i can do that i have experience with humanoid character so idk about the dog i can show u some of my work if u wanna see and we can discuss if u like what u saw
i mostly do stylized characters so yea hope we can work together
how should i contact u ? email dm u here or how

Hello @The_Mannster!
Besides being a professional blender artist since 2009 I’m also a character designer and concept artist:

Concept art: https://rogper.artstation.com/
CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogper/
Blog: https://rogper.wordpress.com

I’m interested on your job opportunity and I hereby wish to apply for it!
Thank you very much!
Best regards

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I have hired someone but I will keep everyone on my radar for future projects. Thank you!

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