Hiring Blender Artists for a 3-D web-based Application that powers a Billion+ people

[INDENT=6]A solution that powers a Billion+ people[/INDENT]

This position presents an excellent opportunity for a Blender Artist to play a significant role in creating a 3D environment, designing an interface design, and the look and feel of a gamified web-based platform.

Athgo Global (AG) is a startup business with a transformational impact. AG is a unique and much needed cloud-based, massively multiplayer online 3D solution for a billion+ people searching for jobs and startup business opportunities in all corners of the globe. In fact, our non-virtual solution, Athgo International, has been around for over a decade and has impacted and inspired young innovators, budding entrepreneurs, and unemployed skilled people from all walks of life in over 80 countries.

We have built a very effective team of visionary conceptualists, leading-edge developers, and super imaginative 3D designers, and have attracted known trailblazer Angel investors from around the world. We are a few months away from reaching our Alpha platform.

The right candidate will have both technical and artistic talent to illustrate and animate the solution in the most organic and intuitive way. As an artist you are able to produce an interface design, model, light, texture, and animate. As a technician you are able to rig characters, setup physics simulations, and script. You have experience using one or more game engines to implement game level logic in a non-game environment.

· Strong knowledge of 3D design and animation tools (Blender experience a major plus)
· Strong ability and interest in working on complex tasks using 3D animation tools
· Experience scripting game logic using any scripting language (Python experience is a major plus)
· Proficiency in setting up game levels, connecting models, and game logic
· Working knowledge of user interface and user experience concepts

Competitive Salary and possible Startup perks.

I think that you could develop the old blender verse code…

or just use secondlife…

I’ve sent my resume by private message. Thanks!