Hiring Blender Artists for Project

Seeking Blender artists for an iPhone-based game project.

Please respond to this thread.

Or send me a message.


Do you have a link so people can check out your company?

otherwise, people might not think you are legit

We’re an early stage San Francisco based start-up.

Looking for freelance character designers and animators.

Blender ports easily to iPhone. So, looking for people with those skills.

Send a message and I can tell you more about the project, if you are interested.

…so you are advertising for people to send you their email addresses, without giving any information on who you are and what you do?

If I’m not wrong, sending a private message on BA doesn’t give out your e-mail address.

I am using Blender for my 3D Animation and 3D Modeling. You can find lots of my Blender work samples on the below links.

Download 16 Free 3D Movies I have created in Blender



and lots more on my signature

It would seem more logical to state exactly what you are after for the project and then people can contact you rather than you having to tell the same story 150 times via email or PM, only to find out that the person who has contact you hasn’t got the skills that you are after or they are not interested in making a game that is just a pair of bouncing boobs.

…(I’m trying to save everybody some time here)

i find your ideas intriguing and i wish to subscribe to your newsletter :stuck_out_tongue:

kkrawi - I sent you a message with more details. Thanks for replying.

I’m with waylow. That first post missing two things:

-“it’s paid work”
-“the company I work for is called such and such, website is www.xxxxx.yyy”

Don’t be coy about logically necessary info. Comes off as rrrreeeaaallly suspicious.

My point exactly…


I sent you a private message through the forums.

Thank you

I’m interrested by your offer.

I am a french freelance. I work with Blender for … since my debut with 3D job. I was not very rich, a little PC, so Linux, Blender … blablabla. I have not any works to show you about lowpoly models for game. But I always search new things to do. For example : In my portfolio, you will find some details about NARUTO figurine made with Blender. I had never model any humain or manga characters before (no time, work work work again). My client trust me and he dont regret at all :wink:

So my web site is here http://www.ayuka.fr. All images are made with Blender Internal, expect one with Yafray (there are blotchy parts) and a new one made with my fresh V-Ray Licence (from famous Osmosis study hall training).

Details about your mission ?

Best regards.


[email protected] or [email protected]

Oups! Sorry I would send to Shaggie a private message… hum modos please :smiley:

Good stuff - look forward to your project being completed. I can’t help but wish you all the best!