Hiring Someone With PERSONAL Pepakura 3D Armor Experience - ASAP


I need to hire someone ASAP (today, no later than tomorrow) for a consultation regarding some problems with 3D armor another designer constructed for me to use with the Pepakura program (ie. constructed armor to build and wear). Despite a poly reduction, there are problems unfolding it and I need to know specifically 1) what is wrong and 2) what can be done to fix the issue(s). For someone with actual 3D design AND pepakura program knowledge it’s likely to be a 15-20 minute scan of the file. I don’t have time to post my trouble on a sight and beg for help, as I need to start construction tomorrow, so I’m willing to pay $25 (via paypal), for 15 minutes of someone’s time. I’ve already paid money for this armor and thought that the individual I was working with had personal knowledge of pepakura, but apparently something got lost. Once again, you MUST have personal experience unfolding 3D armor. If you do, message me if you want to make a quick $25 in 15 mins. Thank you.