Hirsch / Deer


it`s a personal project. The estimated time for completion is six month - don’t have enough free time (-; The deer should have later on a nice texture, fur and a wood-like environment… enough stuff for six month!



Crits and comments are welcome

Which option on imageshacks.com should i choose, to get a small preview-thumbnail for the forum… anybody knows?

Looks really nice. Nice moddeling looks very realistic for now.

Uhm, give it a nice texture and make it look realistic, thats all I have to add :stuck_out_tongue:

lol pwn j00

Anyway. The proportions are good, the topology’s not bad either. The only main things I can notice are the hooves, (which don’t seem to be there) and the face, which seems to be kind-of drawn up and crunch on the underside. I understand this to be a WIP though, so r4wk. Clean it up and it should look pretty nice.