His anyone else had problems

posting their artwork in finished projects, focus critique, or any other artwork section? I keep trying to post my work, and it’s not working! I even got rid of the work and just typed “blah blah blah” to see if that would go through, and it didn’t! Clearly my internet’s working fine, otherwise I couldn’t post this thread either. I’m wondering if there’s a problem with the artwork section, or if the server just hates me. Could someone else try and see if it works?

No, but i do have a problem with people making three threads on the same topic in the same area of the forum in 24 hours…

Seriously, theres an area dedicated to problems with the site.
Website & Forum (9million Viewing)
Questions & Answers about this Website & Forum
and you’ve already posted there, so stop being an ass and people might stop to help you.

I was going and to ask for some more info and try help but not if your going to spam and act like aspoiled little girl.

Sheesh, calm down.

This is the SECOND thread. The first one was to get help. This one was to see if I’m the only one having the problem. If you thought this was spamming, I’m sorry.

I’ll never do such a momentously, atrociously, astoundingly horrible thing again.

Update: Oh wait right, there was a third thread. That C’mon one. I forgot about that. Ok, so your right. But that was a test post to see if there was a problem. Still, I’ll quit whining.

Ok, so yeah, that first thread was whiny and annoying. After remembering it, I realized this whole thing was over the top. I should have just posted my question in website and forum.

I invite you to lock all my threads, with plenty of insults attached.