His Majesty, King K. Rool


This model was done for an upcoming game mod.

It is based on a sculpture I did many years ago (my second sculpt ever). I also had to do his blunderbuss, that I will probably be posting soon. I have been asked many times to do a game model out of that sculpture, and this time I decided to help! It is a mod for a very cool game after all :P.

basic info:

3876 Quads
7200 tris
512px textures

Softwares: Zbrush, Blender, Xnormal, PS, Krita, Marmoset.

The painting process for Krool was pretty much entirely polypaint on Zbrush. The rest was painted in PS and Blender. Krita for some plugins for bleeding islands (UV stuff, very cool stuff), marmoset for render.

(full res image here)



A closeup to the eye texture (before scaling down the texture)


And a video with Krool’s classic music, just for fun

Really good model and texture!

thanks man!

Here is the weapon