HISTORY BLAST: The old Blender workarounds we don't have to do anymore

Long ago, Blender had a budding community that was active and growing, but we didn’t have all the features we have now, so we had to do some workarounds.

I remember the workarounds dealing with the lack of an SSS feature using huge node setups and simple setups like a shadowbuffer and translucency trick.

There was also the workaround shown in the release logs on how to fake blurry transparency using nodes and a noisy bumpmap, fortunately it doesn’t have to be done anymore.

What do you remember about old workarounds that new features ensure we don’t have to do anymore?

How about way back in the day before Blender included ray tracing. Making duplicate objects mirrored under the ground plane to fake reflections. Oh, and all the tricks to attempt refraction. Fun days.

I still use some of those tricks sometimes in variations.

Can you explain a bit more, start with explaining the most popular trick to fake refractions and go down from there.

  • icosphere and dupliverted spot lights to fake gi. I used that one a lot.

  • using a tiny circle as anim track for the camera, and having the animation length of 1 frame. When you turn on motion blur, this gets you depth of field. Not sure if this is still necessary actually…

good ole’ days : ]