History of blender interface images?

As part of my video of my blender memories I’d like to include a montage / timelapse of blender’s interface sInce around version 2.46 … any idea where I can find screenshots?

I thought it’d be a Google image search away but of course there aren’t so many screenshots of anything but the current version… I then thought I’d go through “new feature” archives but it seems to be all text and no screenshots.

A google search turns up quite a lot actually? Try this one.

Not quite what you’re asking for, and not sure if it’s necessary given bartv’s reply, but Blender does provide access to their older versions, as far back as 1.0


Here’s the link for 2.46, specifically: https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.46/

Hope that helps!

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Thanks guys…

Going down bart’s search-link I found a large number of useful images on Wikipedia Commons.

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