history school book project

Hi all,
I’ve read some posts here from people that are thankfull for the opportunity Blender gives to learn 3D and gain experience in it. Well, I’m here to thank the blender team and the community too, because I am doing my first payed 3D-work!!!

And what a work… :smiley:

A publisher is working on a new series of schoolbooks about history. They were thinking about ‘learning while playing’, and decided to give the books a game-like, 3D-like look. A friend of mine was assigned to do the illustrations, but he showed them what I could do with ‘Blender’… :evilgrin:.
The result is that he does the actual artistic design to give the books a consistent style and look, and that I’ll make 3D images out of them. Not all will be 3D made ofcourse, but if the budget for the books rises, I might get the chance to make them animated too.

The kind of objects… : historical buildings like Ziggurats, Piramids, Greek temples, Roman buildings, Mideaval buildings… historical types of boats, tools, pottery, etc… and even characters, stylized figures for each period. Right now I’m working on a mummy for example.

6 schoolbooks, 1 each year = 6 years of work… :), that is if they’re happy with what I’ll deliver. So far they seem to have been very enthusiastic with what I’ve done.

Since my friend has other clients, that want 3D work too, it is quite possible that we’ll end up as partners, and start a real business with our combined experience and skills.

Again, thanks, and whenever possible, I’ll do my best to do something back by delivering images to you guys too (if there are no copyright, contract - issues).

sounds fun, hope its a fun ride and theres lots to enjoy!

cheers! felix. :slight_smile: